Kitchen Foils

Essential in every kitchen: strong foils and handy foodbags for preparing or storing food. We offer a full range of foils, including cling film, aluminium foil, baking paper, many types of food bags and useful aluminium products.


Food Bags

Food bags are key for the prevention of food waste. We offer many types of bags, such as freezer bags with different types of closure, sandwich bags for bread and resealable zipper bags for all purposes.


Waste Bags

Consumers are becoming more and more involved in proper waste separation. As such, the demand for different types of bags is increasing. For every garbage bin we have a bag that fits, ranging from rubble bags to (tall) pedal bin liners and sanitary waste bags to biodegradable waste bags.

Carrier Bags

Carrier bags are available in all kinds, sizes and designs. From a foldable bag to a woven or non-woven big shopper featuring your personal corporate style. Plenty to choose from.



Useful for on the go, for the BBQ, or at home. We deliver disposable tableware for every occasion. Be surprised by the many options like aluminium, bagasse, paper and CPLA.


Hygiene & Cleaning

We are continuously working on new products that cannot be placed under a single banner. From nappy and dog poop bags to glass wipes and all-purpose cleaners. Products that can be found in categories such as PET, Personal Care and Cleaning.

DIY Products

There is always waste involved in DIY and gardening activities. We offer a number of suitable products to help heavy work make light: ranging from woven garbage bags and rubble bags to cover sheets and heavy duty paper towel rolls.

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